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Chapter Fic beta needed


I am looking for a beta for an incomplete fic that I am working on. I hope to make it a few chapters long. The first chapter is done. It would be a story about a crime, but mostly about how that crime impacts the Potter family and their relationships. I will need some help with plot holes, brit-speak and possibly spells. Grammar and spelling will be less of an issue. If you are interested, inbox me or email me at aydenbrooksfic@gmail.com. Thanks!

After The Rain
Author: ayden_brooks
Ships: H/D, canon couples (R/Hr, past H/Ginny and D/Astoria) and friendship between James and Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy
Rating: R?
Notes: Somewhat epilogue-compliant, slow romance development, first time
Summary: An attack on one of Harry's sons turns his life upside down. He finds support where he least expected.

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