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A Better Game (Merlin/Arthur, PG)

Title: A Better Game
Author: ayden_brooks
Word Count: 795
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Summary: Merlin wants to play a game. Arthur has a better one.
Disclaimer: Fanfic. Yep. No ownership over here.
Beta: selfinduced
Author’s Note: Originally written for merlin100 prompt 4: children’s games. But not exactly 100 words. I went a little overboard. x-posted to merlinxarthur and merlinslash.

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Grand Gestures (PG, Arthur/Merlin)

Title: Grand Gestures
Author: ayden_brooks
Word Count: 1,693
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: All of first season
Summary: He loved the prat. Not like that of course. More like a brother. Yes. Exactly. Brotherly love. Nothing else. ... Right. Ok. So, maybe a little more than that.
Beta: binglejells
Disclaimer: Fanfic. Yep. No ownership over here.

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Happily Ever After. Sort of.

This was originally posted at georgealex and kept on my personal journal, but I have since moved it. So, just in case anyone has it linked anywhere...

Title: Happily Ever After. Sort of.
Author: ayden_brooks
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Ship: George/Alex
Rated: R
Word Count: 4893
Summary: George and Alex (or as I like to call them - Galex. ha.) are probably in the most stable relationship of anyone at Seattle Grace, but have decided to keep it a secret. They thought telling people might cause drama, like so many other relationships at the hospital. Now the couple are tired of pretending, but will announcing their relationship put a strain on it?
Prompt: photo prompt
Spoilers: None

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H/D recs

Here are some of my favorite H/D fics. If that's not enough, check out my delicious links.

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♥ ♥ Men Who Had Mothers
Author: faire_weather
Rated: R, for adult language and sex.
Author's Summary: This is what happens when you spend all of your time trying to save the world and never bother to see what you're saving. Inspired by vegans, philosophy, mothers, docks, and hopes and dreams.
My commensays: This is one of my all-time favorite fics across all my fandoms. I love the way Harry is described as an environmental vegan save the world type in this fic. I love the way Draco is portrayed. The fic has many layers - Harry's job, Harry's save the world personality, Draco's mom issues, their UST, their friendship. Good writing, good plot, not rec'd enough.

A Mile In His Shoes
Author: Sansa
Rated: R for Adult Language, Sexual Content, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Hurt/Comfort
Author's summary: It's ten years after the war and a chance meeting on a small island changes Draco and Harry from who they've become into who they want to be.
My comments: I simply adore this fic. I can't get enough of it if I tried. I'm not a fan of OCs, as a general rule, but the one in this fic plays a pivotal role in our boys getting their UST sorted out. This is a mult-chapter fic that I thought was well worth the time.

Tip of the Icing
Author: megyal
Rated: PG
Summary: Harry and Draco reconnect when Draco buys a birthday cake for his little girl from bakery owning Harry Potter.
My comments: It's a really sweet, delicious fic. Harry's job, his openness about his sexuality and the lack of angst made me happy. The kids in the fic made me smile. The way he and Draco eye each other and build up sexual tension made me giddy. :)

The Things You Learn
Author: Nasey
Rated R for Adult Language and Sexual Content
Author Summary: The oh-so-untouchable Draco Malfoy is twenty-eight and about to get his feathers ruffled by one Harry Potter. Not that Draco wears feathers. But if he did? They'd be the finest feathers known to man and he'd look positively smashing in them too, so there! Ignores DH. Fluff, Humour, Romance.
My comments: I love Draco pretending to be more snooty than he is. I like the fact that it's after the war and after DH and everyone decides they should grow up and move on. Harry invites Draco to play quidditch at his home with a bunch of people from Hogwarts and things go from there.

Author: suki_blue
Rating: NC-17 for some relatively graphic het and character death
Author Summary: Harry's marriage is in a mess and so is his head.
My comments: This is a very beautiful story written in snippets. I love the voice of this story - the way things are very matter of fact. It's somewhat angsty, but not totally and it is very well done.

Icarus Rising
Author: ryokoblue
Rated: R for sex and violence (not together!)
Author Summary: It's the final battle. Harry's on a warpath to destroy Voldemort, but what he finds is a former school rival long ago lost to the past. A former school rival who's no longer human.
borbeautific says: My favorite veela fic. I find it difficult to discover a well written veela fic, but this one became an instant classic in my eyes for its story line, romance and the talent of the writer.

Empty Spaces
Author: Ociwen
Rating: R
Author Summary: An amnesiac is discovered by Harry Potter...(H/D)
My comments: Well written, sort of sad and sort of not. It's hard for me to verbalize how I feel about this fic, but I do like it a lot. Seems like someone that could have actually happened to Draco in the series, well minus the slashy bit.

ab epistulis
Author: Autumn LeCroix
Rated: PG-13 or M
Author Summary: Canon tight until HBP. AU post-OotP. A future fic that takes place when Draco is 30, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Draco owns a bookstore and ends up developing a correspondence with the author of his favorite novel. Through a series of letters, they learn more about each other than either thought possible and end up forging an unusual relationship that would not have been possible 15 years ago.
My comments: I love writer!Harry and bookstore owning Draco. They are so cute. I love the jobs they have, the letters they write, the things they learn. I also enjoy this Draco characterization.


Certain Dark Things
He was He and I was Bunny
So Hard A Master
Love Like A Razorblade
Fear Not for the Future, Weep Not for the Past
Of Thwarted Plans
Lessons on a Broom
The Price We Pay for Wings
Welcome To the Real World
Artic Fox
On Daftness

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write again some day

Maybe with my new job, I won't feel so burnt out with writing and I'll be able to do something creative and fun within one of my fandoms.


I'm tired of being too exhausted to write fic.


I haven't updated in forever. o_O

That said, I moved some fics over to fanfiction.net. Let's see if people read anything I write. My profile and stories

Watching Him, PG

Title: Watching Him
Author: ayden_brooks 
Summary: House watches Wilson. It grounds him. It was something he could believe in.
Rating: PG, no warnings
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters. This story is a work of fanfiction and is not for monetary gain.
Word Count: 491
Author's Note: I was a bit impatient waiting for a beta, but [info]hwshipper gave me a nice and sweet critique.


plot bunny

I just got a plot bunny for a one-shot, possible multi-chapter fic. House sees Wilson dressed down for the first time. This would be before House's infarction, he'd still be with Stacy and not yet staffed at PPTH.

Ok, so that was more so a prompt than a plot bunny. *shrug* A bit on plot: being attracted to Wilson would be a new feeling for House. He'd struggle with his love for Stacy and attraction toward Wilson. The infarction could make things in their relationship even more tense.

I have a soft spot for canon and oh so much love for casual!Wilson.


I'm feeling the itch to write some fic. Alas, I'm at work and can't do so right now. But, I do feel like writing something. So, I will be writing something soon...


I haven't posted in forever, not that I have a lot of friends on this journal, but I feel the need for a rec list update. MmHm. That's what I'll do. ^_^ Rec list update! Onward Ho!